What are we teaching our kids?

…or more to the point, “What am I teaching my students?”

It seems the only honest answer to this is “exactly the same as has been taught for the last 200 years.” Of course, there is the human factor. The day to day interactions. The ‘just by being who you are’ kind of random effect. But what actually is it that is intentionally being ‘taught’? What is it I plan to deliver and how am I planning to deliver it?

My natural instinct is to believe that being stuck (already a judgement laden word) with an ancient methodology and an antiquated curriculum cannot be a good thing. But this may not, of course, be true. Just because it is old does not make it broken. Indeed its longevity may indeed be proof of its efficacy and maybe it has become refined and perfected over so many years of experience. But somehow that doesn’t seem to be true. It is not what I instinctively believe. Indeed I am hearing many voices which argue, with good evidence, the contrary. There again, just because there is noise, does not guarantee correctness.

So, as a starting point I need to know if there is a need for something different. In fact, I want to start from scratch (not an unusual position for me.) What and how would I teach now if no pre-existing system were there? What works? What is needed? Only then will I feel comfortable to ask how I might do it.

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