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So, only a few days until I present prezi at the i-connect mini conference. The more I prepare the more I wish I had 3 hours rather than just 45 minutes. Quite what I can achieve in such a short time I’m not too sure. And, as always, once I start looking around at all the web 2.0 offerings the more really cool stuff I find.

I need to be a bit more ruthless in considering what is just really cool and what might actually be practical. However, some stuff is just too awesome to leave out.

Possible web 2.0 offerings

  • diigo – great research, online storage and collaboration tool. Annotate websites, share within a group and conduct discussions.
  • wiffitti – display screen for received messages texted from mobiles or entered from computer (reminds me of those big screens in the Concorde in Brighton!) Very cool and lots of potential once we allow students to start using their mobile phonesl.
  • aviary – looks like it might be an amazing music and image editing tool.
  • newsdots – social media linking of current news. Nice idea but doesn’t seem to have been updated for a while.
  • xtranormal – create animated dialogue. Kids will love it.
  • 360cities – great way to visually explore the world. Cool geography tool.
  • don’t forget google docs
  • wordle create word clouds in seconds
  • twitter
  • issuu – create magazines from a pdf. Looks amazing but I’ve not used it yet.

Some of this I have gleaned from an awesome site: Web Tools for Teachers
Well worth further investigation.


This could encapsulate a whole presentation in itself (or indeed conference) but it would surely be remiss not to mention it.

The way I see it this it falls into two categories. Students blogging as part of their studies, and teachers reading and writing blogs as part of their professional development. How much time is there to discuss professional leasrning communities?

  • Tumblr – social network blogging but also a very easy way to blog (big buttons!)
  • WordPress – the king of all blogs
  • Blogger – if you are addicted to google

…and prezi

What it is, what it can do and a brief, hands on how to use it.

Maybe some mention of the danger of bullets.

Again the power of prezi is twofold:

  • interesting presentations
  • a more dynamic and interlinked way of thinking – think mind mapping etc
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